Sidewalk Violations
Have a nice trip...
635 Sunnyside.

Pile of stone and brick blocking the public walk.

Kurash Builders

November 21, 2007

550 Hawthorne.

Cargo van blocking public walk.

October 23, 2007
722 Hillside.

Pile of dirt blocking public walk.

Schmidt Quality Construction.

November 9, 2007
St Charles Rd and Berkley

Trailer illegally parked on lawn making it impossible to see oncoming traffic

Cooleen Enterprises

October 8, 2007
St Charles Rd and Berkley

Workers cars parked across the public walk making it difficult to see oncoming traffic

Cooleen Enterprises

October 9, 2007
550 Hawthorne

Cargo van once again blocking public walk. Same van, different day. This is one block from Lincoln School during session. Is this a public safety issue?

September 7, 2007
550 Hawthorne

Cargo van blocking public walk

September 6, 2007
550 Hawthorne.

Van blocking public walk, lumber across public walk.

August 7, 2007

550 Hawthorne.

Truck parked across public walk.
October 13, 2007.
519 Fairview

Careful walking down the sidewalk on this one. Lovely parkway tree protection as well.

Hochsprung Builders
Stacks of styrofoam insulation left overnight on the sidewalk and street.

Wise Investment Builders
523 Hawthorne.

Bricks, wood, a cement mixer and miscellaneous debris on the sidewalk a block from Lincoln School.
Corner of Fairview and Crescent.
Does this porta-potty look like it's on the sidewalk?
The Elmhurst Police evening watch commander determined that this is not a sidewalk obstruction.
566 Fairview.
The forms for this sidewalk were put in place in the dark by a crew working after hours. The result is "etched in stone",
McDaid Construction.
511 Sunnyside.

Pile of lumber blocking the public walk.
See anything wrong?
Look closer.
Elmhurst code allows a three foot high fence and it can be right against the front lot line. The problem is that the lot line is a foot away from the sidewalk, the pillars are four feet high and the caps hang over the walk. Oh, and there was no permit issued for the fence. Oops! What do you want for a million eight?
Kurash Builders
492 Montrose.
Sidewalk had been obstructed by an orange fence for over twelve weeks. The builder poured the concrete for the driveway, the apron and two squares of the sidewalk, but was waiting for the city to pour the other two squares under the sidewalk replacement program. What a cheapskate!
This is a corner lot.
492 Montrose.
This is the other sidewalk on the corner lot, also obstructed by an orange fence. This is the same situation. Elmhurst code requires the contractor to keep the sidewalk passable. Notice the lovely parkway tree protection.
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What's all the dust in the distance? It's a City of Elmhurst subcontractor breaking the law by not using a wet saw to cut the public walk. I hope the neighbors don't get any silica dust in thier lungs...
261 W Vallette

It was nice of these guys to put up an orange cone alerting you to the fact that they had two vans blocking the sidewalk.
566 Fairview.
Porta-potty partially on sidewalk and completely on neighbor's property. Code of conduct sign also on neighbor's property and obscured.
McDaid Construction.