Parkway Violations

635 Sunnyside.

Pile of brick and stone on sidewalk and parkway.

Kurash Builders.

November 21, 2007
Sunnyside and Crescent.

Materials and scaffolding being stored on public parkway.

November 23, 2007

719 Hillside.
Concrete form truck parked illegally on parkway for two days.
October 10-11, 2007
559 Swain.
Window wells, 55 gallon drum, pipe stored on the parkway.
July 14, 2007
559 S Kenilworth.
Pallets of brick stored on parkway.
October 13, 2007.
515 Sunnyside.
Bobcat parked on the parkway for eight days. McDaid Construction.
563 Mitchell.
Porta-potty on the parkway.
McKenna Builders.
718 Fairview.
Porta-potty on the parkway.
Kuresh Builders.
603 Fairfield

Porta Potty on parkway
603 Fairfield

Porta Potty on parkway, different season.
165 Sunnyside.
Dump truck on the parkway.
The parkway tree protection was moved to fit the truck there. Aren't the roots getting crushed?
McDaid construction.
165 Sunnyside.
Different truck, different season.
McDaid construction.
165 Sunnyside.
Dump truck on parkway.
Notice the multiple tickets on the windshield.
In essence, this amounts to luxury parking at taxpayer expense. For a nominal daily fee, you too can park a behemoth like this wherever you please.
McDaid construction.
511 Sunnyside.
Porta-potty on the parkway, no 2x4 support braces for the parkway fence.
McDaid Construction.
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570 Prospect.
Not only doesn't this belong on the public parkway, it's being advertised.
692 Mitchell.
Porta-potty on parkway, debris on lot. According to Elmhurst code, all debris is to be kept inside the garage after the first six months of construction.
Corner of Rex and Montrose.

Porta potty on parkway.

Mondo Builders.
465 Sunnyside.

Porta Potty, Pallet of bricks, pile of dirt, contractor's sign, realtor's sign all on public parkway.

CPC Construction.
465 Sunnyside.

This mess courtesy of Schiller Real Estate. Code of conduct sign sideways against house, not within three feet of the corner of the lot as required.

CPC Construction.
200 Block of Berkley.

Truck parked on parkway.

September 18, 2007