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Dear Bill,

Having recently come across your web site - - I felt it my duty to
comment on this interesting hobby of yours.

I got no farther than the second example on your
website (199 Maple) of supposed code violations before
I discovered errors in your accusations.

You claim the foundation is poured two feet from the
lot line. What you are pointing out is obviously not
the foundation, but is clearly a window well.

Further, you are concerned that the neighboring home
that's been there for 80 years will have to worry
about conflicts with the new house due to the
proximity of the driveway. As pointed out, that is
not the foundation or chimney, but rather a window
well, and a greater concern should be that the
neighboring property's driveway is actually
encroaching on the property of 199 N. Maple.

While your intentions should be commended, your
thoroughness and knowledge of codes and building
construction are questionable. In the future I would
recommend you leave these issues to the paid
professionals of the City of Elmhurst and limit your
participation to whatever your choosen field of
expertise may be.


Matthew Devery, P.E.