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Bill, as a Fire/Building Inspector & Code Enforcement officer in a
surrounding town I find your website to be enlightening to the
continuous failure of the city officials to protect the residents who
have been here for a long time. The long time residents have endured
the bad times of the city when we only had 20 businesses in downtown to
making the votes to improve the city to what it is now.
Now it is my time to vent. Several years ago my parents had a new
house build next to them and the resulting lack of care from the
contractor, building and police departments ended in the excavation
caving in and pulling in a 1 week old fence, 20 year old tree and damage
to the driveway that still persists to this day. We went to the council
meetings and expressed our concerns and was brushed off by the Mayor and
Come this year and now the hose on the other side is undergoing
extensive "renovation" (conversion from a Emery Manor to a Monster
Mansion). It started from the contractors damaging trees (that had to
be replaced), to the lawn and sidewalk. Now over the past couple of
days the contractor has done extensive concrete sawing (dry), drove an
excavator over my parents property and forcing encroachment on their
property. When confronted by the neighbors trying to protect my parents
property the response was that they gave permission to use the property,
which would never happen!
Why should the residents who have been here, voted, continue to pay
increasing taxes for the same house have to deal with the lack of
concern from everyone in the city. What you have posted in your website
is completely unacceptable and would warrant stop work orders,
suspension of building or occupancy permits and or citations being
issued. We also depend of the public freely calling an not hesitating
to report these issues.
If you are out on the road please feel free to stop by 471 Oak St.
and speak with my parents(Norman & Beverly Bishop), who could show
wonderful pictures, of the previous construction, and what is happening now.


Trevor Bishop