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Bill, In 2004 Dave McKenna Builders bought and tore down the old, ugly, dirty, dilapidated house that I lived next door to for 25 years. It was an embarrassment to the neighborhood and certainly lowered our property values. I could not have been more thrilled that a new home was on its way. I was prepared to endure all the commotion, noise and inconveniences that occur when a home is being built next door. I was happily surprised to find that the entire process was no big deal. Dave McKenna came to my door introduced himself and invited me to inform him of any problems, he did the same with the neighbors on the other side of the site. I found the entire process very interesting and enjoyed watching the work in progress. Minor things like a truck too far here or too far there didn't turn my world upside down, and I didn't die when I had to walk around a portable bathroom and into the street for a few feet. If I had nothing better to do in life, I suppose I could have nit picked him to death, but I knew it was all temporary and would soon pass. Many Elmhurst citizens are living their lives, raising their children and contributing to society just fine amid new home constructions. And how petty can you get, complaining of a car parked on the wrong side of the street for a short time while hurricane force winds blew, there was a fellow human being in that car. Priorities anyone… anyone…!!!!! I am pleased to say there are five new homes on our block including mine being built at this very moment by Dave McKenna, and our street has never looked more beautiful, I am very proud to live there. If you feel that driving through town like "Gladys Kravitz with a camera" and posting pictures of your neighbors homes on the Internet is admirable go for it, you have that right, but I think it’s petty and small, and does not contribute to the peace and tranquility of Elmhurst. Lighten up! The town of "Perfect" doesn't really exist, and if it did I wouldn't want to live there.

Thanks, Barb M

962 Fairfield