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It's obvious that many citizens are going through the proper channels to report numerous building violations happening in town and nothing gets done. Sadly, when it comes to following up on your calls with action, Elmhurst officials only want to put forth the APPEARANCE of due diligence. It would take a major investigation to get to the bottom of WHY builders in Elmhurst have carte blanch to do what ever suits them.

There is another building issue in Elmhurst that ALL of us should be paying closer attention to. It is the proposed Hahn Street development. Certain City Council members are seriously considering giving away the open land to the one developer who puts forth the most agreeable Condo/Retail/Parking master plan. We are talking about land parcels worth in total between 8 and 10 million dollars! This kind of incentive is absolutely crazy and must be stopped.

So please read at least one of the local papers each week to keep up to date with what council members are going to do with this situation. The Mayor and others will argue that the retail tax benefits will be worth the land giveaway. Those benefits are years if not a decade away.
What is wrong with getting the proper dollar value for the land AND reaping the tax benefits later? Talk to your local aldermen and insist that all Hahn street land parcels be sold, not given away!


Mick Kahler