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I was reading local media concerning the first public meeting discussing the new hospital plans. I believe the hospital is a great opportunity for something done for the public good. However I am very concerned that a quick and dirty approach might include removing and clear-cutting all the beautiful trees including old growth species. Who is protecting the trees? The local media only talked about alternative medicine, and a holistic facility. How could a new hospital plan NOT including saving all those beautiful trees on those forty or fifty acres? The whole purpose of alternative medicine are to include nature, wildlife, and a search for one's spirituality as part of their recovery from cancer, and other life threatening illnesses. The hospital plans must include tree preservation, and creating an outdoor oasis including the beautiful old growth trees and wildlife habitat for healing and wellness. What a big mistake if the new hospital will rob our community of all that!
I hope the new hospital will also include leading edge GREEN TECHNOLOGY. Like solar, green friendly lighting, cooling, heating, windows, waste disposal, storm water retention for non potable use for watering landscaping, greenhouses, organic flower and vegetable gardens, soil preservation, permeable driveways, parks, separation of auto traffic from patients, and renewable building materials. We must look forward into the future to build this new hospital the right way, and NOT be made to believe that traditional building practices are acceptable in the long run.