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Real estate development can be very selfish with land use. A broader scope of what land could be developed into is much better for long term commerce. For example using green technology like solar, wind, medical, nanotech, science, computers, and so much other leading edge inventions and innovations could be paramount to our town by the spin-offs they create. Building buildings built from high tech concepts could provide places of public learning for many. They would compliment York H. S. , Elmhurst College, the library, and the new high tech hospital.

City real estate is the people's real estate, and Hahn Street and Third Street areas which currently owned by the city could be used by creating private business partnerships seeking to implement and create high technology centers. They could be the first of their kind. They should develop these last remaining areas to share with others outside the community visiting our town because of these visionary concepts, as well as residents. Local contractors should donate time, and money. Certainly government grants would provide financial resources for high tech.