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Hi, Bill -
Thanks for all the info on your web site; what an eye-opener!
We have directed other people to your site and they are amazed.
Having had a McMansion built next to our humble, one story
bungalow, we can really relate to the greed shown by the city
powers here in what used to be a very nice town. I called in
to the city building each violation the builder, J & S Const.,
made with no action taken. I made two calls to our police dept.
regarding public safety violations which they apparently did
respond to because the goon-squad construction crew retaliated
by firing nails into our blacktop driveway every day for over
a week.
I cornered our city building inspector one morning, showed him
the violations (I once had to move our garden shed because it
was only four feet from the lot line) and he said the city allows
these "variations". After the brick-layers dropped a five gallon
bucket of mortar from the third floor of a scaffold that was not
tied into the building, splashing mortar all the way up to our
gutter on the side of our house, I had an argument with the contractor's wife. Two days later, a rear tire on my Explorer was cut by a razor knife from the tread to the wheel rim, costing me three
hundred dollars to fix. I have no proof of who did this, but I have
We love the neighbors, we love our little house, but we don't love
what is happening to our once lovely city!
40 year residents, Keith & Rosalie Ward - 636 Swain