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I am so glad you wrote that letter to the editor of
the Elmhurst Independent. I'm even more surprised
that they published it.

I live in SW Elmhurst. The house next door to me was
torn down in '03 and building completed in '05 - it
was a long job. During that process, I lost bushes
and shrubs, and had tracked vehicles driving over my
yard. There was no fence put up - silt or otherwise -
they violated the property line all the time.

I complained, and had to call the police and
repeatedly pressure them to even get a citation of
property damage created. I had to go to court twice
to testify, and then it was only against the worker
who drive the vehicle on my property (because the
general contractor told him to).

In court when the city attorney told me about the plea
agreement that she setup with the worker she said
quote "the builder is a scumbag". Clearly, she had
prior experience with this builder.

The cost of a compliance officer (one or more) I'm
sure could easily be covered by the fines that they
could collect. I'm sick and tired of the tear downs
even when it is not my neighbor's house. I like the
character of the town as it was when I moved here for
the first time in '89. I don't like the direction it
is going. If I wanted that, I could move back to

I'm interested in your ideas about what we can do
about this - and how many responses you received.

Oh, BTW - I have a few grey hairs now, too.

Bruce Friedman