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This is a marvelous job. You are a treasure for your community.

I grew up in Elmhurst. My parentís home becamse one of the first teardowns. Located at 280 South Street, now a horrible street full of monster homes of the ugliest nature. Not sure if they violated zoning, but they sure did ruin the neighborhood. (67 years of Dadís landscaping.) Managed to kill two trees simply by foolishly moving the driveway from one side of the yard to the other, thereby cutting and suffocating the tree roots. The new owner lost a valuable asset, a sugar maple, by this maneuver.

You might consider these tree losses as well.

Iím a Board Member of Citizens for Glen Ellyn Preservation. One of our other Board members sent your web page to me, so I wanted to be sure to applaud your good work. Maybe we should do something like this. Youíve got to be right there on the spot donít you. Good for you! (And thanks for trying to save my wonderful old home town. I even remember it in the days of stately elms arching over the streets and creating hallways of green.)

---Marilyn Mayer Wiedemann