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Dear Bill & Mick,

Love the site! If ever there was proof that you CAN fight City Hall, it's Builders Gone Wild! Great pictures, and a very articulate letter of response to anonymous, especially that line about having the courage of one's convictions to sign their name (although I swear I've read that one somewhere before) ...

As I write this, all the letter links on your site are currently broken. Could this be the work of the evil cubal? It may be time to step into the nearest porta-potty, put on your cape and emerge as Builders Gone Wild Man, who can bend McMansion frames with his bare hands and leap Marcucci condos with a single bound. Good luck sirs! The future of our community is in your hands.

God's grace,
Tom O'Toole
Fighting Irish Thomas

P.S. All kidding aside, I believe your site is very important and I pray it's up and running at full capacity soon.