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I love a debate. This letter is in reply to the person (who I might add did not have the courage of his or her convictions to sign a name to their posting) who challenged my joke on the tens of thousands of dollars spent by Pete Di Cianni and the rest of Mayor Marcucci's losing candidates on their campaigns.

I'll take your points one at a time:

**How do I know tens of thousands of dollars was spent on their campaigns?

Well when it comes to Pete Di Cianni who spent lots on his, you're right. I don't have an exact figure. Do you know why I don't have an exact figure? Because Mr. Di Cianni has not complied with the disclosure laws that require a candidate to reveal such information AFTER they have raised or spent more than 3,000 dollars. This is why he is still appearing before the Illinois Board of Elections to explain his side of things. So far, he has given little in the way of pertinent information. I have every confidence that Mr. Di Cianni will eventually offer full disclosure, but as of now he has not. Why hasn't he?

Let's tally some numbers: This is just a portion of the more than 35 pages of evidence submitted to the Ilinois Board of Elections regarding Mr. Di Cianni's case-

*Take the fund raising party held by Mr. Di Cianni back in February. Over 200 people showed up to an event at the Diplomat West banquet hall. They were given free food and drinks. The rental of the hall, feeding those people (at least 10 bucks a head) would put him close to over 3 grand right there.
Plus donations for the campaign were solicited both by mail and at the event.

*Then we have the rented trucks, huge banners, balloons, T-shirts, candy and other goodies that were part of Mr. Di Cianni's appearance in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

*Let's add to this numerous multi-page, full color campaign brochures sent to the 3,800 voters in the 5th ward. Mr. Di Cianni is a printer, yet he still has to claim full value of all that campaign literature. Remember, any donated item, truck, service, self appointed loans, etc. to a campaign MUST be fully disclosed.

*Then we have the several week rental value for his Spring road campaign office, more yard signs (big and small) than I've ever seen in a local election plus a produced DVD that was delivered to voters of the 5th Ward. Add to this, as a group, Mayor Marcucci's candidates held their election night party at the Diplomat West.

*Let's not forget that on election day, Mr. Di Cianni imported Chicago Union workers to help watch the polls and argue with the election judges.

*If all of that, plus the other candidates' fliers, signs and notices (including a last minute smear campaign piece sent out by Vanek, Dickinson, Di Cianni and company) doesn't add up to "tens of thousands of dollars" then I must be missing out on the "new math".

**"Anonymous" wrote "Jan Vanek knows the budget inside and out." That's funny, everything I read in the local papers points to revenue deficits and concerns over the long time health of the city budget. If Alderman Vanek was so good with the budget, why didn't she warn the city council long ago that it was time to tighten the belt on spending?
Ms. Vanek was a true rubber stamp for all things that were pro developer. She was a big proponent of a huge scale mall ("The Gables of Elmhurst") to happen at Route 83 and North Avenue. Fortunately that nightmare was rejected and a more manageable strip mall plan (hopefully) has been enacted.

**For the record "anonymous", I am not jealous of "the beautiful teardown homes" which we all know to be Mc Mansions. My concern has always been the construction messes, torn up yards, ruined streets and code violations that hundreds of these homes have brought to Elmhurst.
Also, just what is so beautiful about seeing a massive structure built on a plot of land that can barely contain it? As I have long stated, many towns in Illinois have strict codes as to how much house can be built (in square footage) on a designated land parcel.

*Also, many towns have a limit as to how many teardowns are allowed per year which is something I have wished for in Elmhurst for a long time. Susan Rose's husband wrote in a local editorial that I was a Communist for advocating such action. No, I believe in Capitalism. You see, the over supply of unsold Mc Mansions in Elmhurst has driven down the value of ALL homes here. I know the real estate market is in a slump but by the prices I'm reading in Elmhurst advertisements, show many homes dropping 20% or more in value.

*Yes, my property value did go up over the past few years, but my property taxes have also increased in a disproportionate way. Plus, the rising value of your property is only a good thing if you're trying to move out of town. I thought the goal of a town was to get people to live in it for a long time. What we don't need is fly by night carpetbaggers as residents here.

I am all for progress and growth but things have been taken way too far. The over zealous development that has been encouraged for years by Mayor Marcucci and his cabal has been a detriment and a burden to Elmhurst. We don't have the infrastructure, (roads, access, parking) to handle what we already have and they're look to build and develop more.

As far as this website goes, all of us who support it simply are looking for builders to obey codes and laws, for responsible development and improvements in our town and for anyone with concerns about these and other issues to speak their minds freely.

Oh, and the next time you choose to reply to any posting here, have the confidence and decency to sign your name.


Mick Kahler