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The new addition to your website:

** Flyers, full color multi-page campaign mailers from
Jan Vanek, Richard Dickinson and Peter Di Cianni :
Tens of Thousands of Dollars.

** Fund raising party at the Diplomat West, Campaign
yard signs, trucks for the St. Patrick's Day Parade
and propaganda DVDs:
Tens of Thousands of more dollars.

Seeing Mayor Marcucci's cronies lose their elections:

is an example of exactly the type of lies that you
purport to be fighting against. How do you know "Tens
of Thousands od Dollars" were spent by those folks?

Mr. Nybo was funded by a group of Chicago Lawyers to
the tune of $30,000 per his own campaign finance
disclosure. Mr. DiCiani raised money in the ward from
concerned voters. Mr. Nybo spent 6 hours as a
volunteer to help children. Mr. DiCiani spent 15 years
(and raised millions) for ECAF.

Jan Vanek knows the budget inside and out, and has
always been a fair alderman. Pat Shay wants to move
the train station and would like more 'affordable
housing' in Elmhurst.

Why do you advocate the dumbing down of Elmhurst's
Government? You come across as jealous of the
beautiful new teardown homes. Is this because you
can't afford one for yourself, so you nit-pick every
little 'ordinance violation' and then immediately
blame Marcucci? What part of having your property
values increase five fold during Marcucci's tenure
don't you like? This website and your motives baffle
me and defy logic and reason. You really should move
to Dolton, Chicago Heights or some other community
where growth and progress has ground to a halt.