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I just saw the article today in the doings newspaper. I own Cottage
Hill Diamonds in downtown Elmhurst and rent from a landlord. We were
supposed to have a fire system in place 60 days after we took
possession 4 years ago. One year ago after spending my own money in a
lawsuit against the landlords that is still ongoing I got them to
comply with absolutely no help from the city. I begged Mike Kopp and
Bruce Dubiel to write me citations so I could give it to the landlords
so they would have to comply. I was told by the city officials that if
they wrote a citation they would have to go to court to enforce it and
it would cost the city time and money to enforce their building codes.
Kind of ironic coming from a city that spent millions to condemn
private property for their own use. Feel free to call me at my
business anytime 630.832.8800. I can't tell you how many times I
called the city to try and get something done but was told there was
nothing they could really do about it. After a while you just give up.
Maybe that's how they operate. If you ignore it long enough maybe it
will go away.

Kurt Hill