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Hello Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that my husband & myself both share many of your thoughts on the new construction. We moved here from Elmwood Park 5 years ago & can't believe all the construction just since we've been here.

We've had several flat tires due to all the nails on the streets & agree with you about just trying to take a simple family walk in the evening without tripping over the broken up sidewalks & debris everywhere.

Sadly enough I don't think anything will change until somebody gets hurt on one of the sites. We have 4 sons & knowing how their mind works I think it's just a matter of time before a boy or group of boys goof around near an unfenced site and something happens. I've had to really yell at my youngest son who has a habit of picking up rocks from sites and throwing them on his way home from school. Of course if he damages anything it will be my fault - no one will say anything to the builder of the site. I'm also tired of driving down bumpy streets due to the digging & then repairing for the gas/water lines - whatever it is. Then it becomes the taxpayers bill to pay for repaving the streets again & again.

I would be curious as to any other responses from residents. I would be happy to join a group and voice our complaints.


Lou & Cheryl Herrera
738 S. Bryan