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Dear Elmhurst Voters,
I cannot stress how important this Tuesday's election is. Those of you who visit this website have a deep concern for the rampant over development and code violations that have taken place in Elmhurst for the past 10 plus years. We have ALL had enough and this Tuesday we can turn the tables on the powers that be.

While Mayor Marcucci is not up for election this time around (don't worry, in less than 2 years we're voting him out of office) many of the nearest and dearest members of his cabal are up for election. Defeating Vanek, Rose, Dikinson, Mulliner, Hipskind & Di Cianni will severely weaken the Mayor's side of the council. You know which side that is; the side that abuses Eminent Domain to further over-development, the side that gives milion dollar plus tax breaks to the builder of Block 300, the side that does nothing to stop the building violations featured on this site. Need I go on?

Here in the 5th ward where I live, Pete Di Cianni's campaign workers are meeting late into the night at his Spring Road headquarters. They are scared of Di Cianni losing his election and they SHOULD be. Chris Nybo is running an extremely thorough and thoughtful campaign and I need every 5th Ward voter to come out Tuesday and support Chris and his ideals.

Last week in the local press, Susan Rose bemoaned the fact that too many personal attacks surfaced during this election. That's funny because it is the Rose/Vanek/Dickinson/Hipskind/Di Cianni/
campaigns that have issued some last minute negative fliers telling false facts and untruths about their opponents. Wherever you live in Elmhurst, please vote for the appropriate aldermanic candidate of your ward. I'm talking about Chris Nybo, Jeff Ernst, Pat Shea, Diane Gutenkauf and Robert Mueller, all of whom have not even referred to their opponents, let alone spread lies and dis-information about them.

On Monday, at 2:00 pm,Pete Di Cianni will have to answer more questions the Illinois Board of Elections has about his lack of campaign finance disclosure. More evidence and facts have surfaced and while I am not the one to cast guilt or innocence on Pete Di Cianni, I DO know so far he has given few answers and little explanation as to how much money he has spent and just who is contributing to his campaign. I am not being negative here, just spelling out the cold hard facts!

Once again, PLEASE help get out the votes for the proper candidates this Tuesday April 17th. Make sure everyone in your house who can vote does so and please check up on your neighbors and friends. This is our chance to make some huge, positive changes in Elmhurst, let's do it!


Mick Kahler