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Thanks for you're work, and courage. Remember you're pictures are worth many words, and slander and libel can only be proven if the truth is NOT told about someone or something. You are Citizen, resident, and expressing a diary of events happening which you believe are wrong and you are seeking redress from you're local government. Besides what you are doing is the work of a concerned citizen. Also you might engage the aldermen, mayor, city manager, to begin a citizen patrol, or refresh their memories about obligations to community first? Perhaps the fire department should patrol Elmhurst? This would allow the fire department personnel to familiarize them with neighborhoods, home construction and heath/fire/safety issues? Do you realize the money you have saved the City of Elmhurst in the event that items left on public/city property caused harm to persons and their property? Local government should listen, because health and welfare is more important. You're site makes everyone do their jobs better, and with more care and concern to the environment.