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Take a look at the four pictures I am sending. Pictures 1and 2 show Hawthorne school under construction. Note the boarded up windows and blue tarp covering part of the front that has been torn off. There are 600+ kids inside while this is going on! How would you like your child to be behind those plywood windows with all that noise right outside?

This is Marta Davy's brainchild - to "rebuild Hawthorne just like they did York." One minor difference , York has 25 acres of land vs. 2 acres for Hawthorne. The total cost to rebuild Hawthorne this way takes $5 to $10 million more than alternative expansion plans. Helps explain why the District is out of money and has no capital left for any other projects. The fact that 5 incumbent board members are within Hawthorne's boundaries doesn't hurt their home values either, does it!!!! And of course, you won't hear from the incumbents up for election about the problems associated with the York approach, including forgetting to budget $9 million for architects, getting sued over excess noise and having problematic traffic flow and parking.

Picture 3 shows a shot of Lincoln School's playground from Vallette ave. Notice how the old backstop is now maybe 25 feet from the new addition. Growing up in Elmhurst, all of the schools had a backstop on the playground with enough room for softball, kickball or other games requiring say 1/2 to a full ball field. Drive by and look for yourself. There is nothing left of the playground. There are well over 500 kids in this school and it continues to grow with Kindergarten enrollments outpacing any other school. The district architect originally said Lincoln should not be expanded. This sound architectural advice didn't stop Davy, Carlquist and the other long term incumbents from steaming ahead with thier half cooked plans.

Lincoln is just as old as Hawthorne yet it received $2 million in construction money vs. $18 million for Hawthorne. Could it have anything to do with many incumbents living in the Hawthorne boundary?

Now compare the view of Lincoln and Hawthorne to Edison, Mr. Carlquist's school. Edison not only has the largest adjacent open land but has only 290 students and class sizes as low as 14. Looks like Mr. Carlquist has done a nice job of taking care of his neighborhood. Wonder if he would send his kids to Lincoln or Hawthorne? Taxpayers should take note that Edison also received a major addition during the year 2000 York construction project. Wonder how the school got additional money this time around when other schools are bursting at the seams and are many years older than Edison?

This is just the tip of the iceberg!