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BILL, your letter to the editor is right on!!!

I lived in Elmhurst for 1-1/2 years; saw the writing on the wall and am now a
homeowner in Villa Park(20% more house; 1/2 the taxes)!!!

In my opinion your concern is only a part of the problem; you allude to the
real problem---MAYOR MARCUCCI...

His emphasis is lay all the taxes on the homeowner; build bigger homes; or better
yet, let's build high rise condos, and get more dollars per square foot. I used to
live on South Kenilworth when the parking lot condos got approved on York.

As to business we have a GREAT downtown! Other than the real estates offices
which get bigger and/or merge, there is a continual turnover of downtown businesses.
Ok, the York Theater does survive. How about bringing in large companies in the
Elmhurst industrial park(s).

Lastly, follow the Mayor's open meetings---lots of them; lots of discussion---
however, the Mayor's PLAN A always goes forward(i.e. North Avenue widening;
the parking lot on North York; am sure there are more).

The problem is the current Mayor; we need a viable, progressive candidate to
run him out of office, and let him run the bakery full time...