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The TIF's are widely misunderstood and misrepresented by the Mayor and his cronies who benefit from them.

See the Elmhurst League of Women's voters web site.

Under the voters guide, school board candidate Ken Leppla says:

"Finally, as part of our budgeting process, we need to proactively address tax collections and TIF's. For example, the tax increment financing districts (TIF's) have drained approximately $15 million from the school system since their inception in the 1980's. We have traded the capital to build one or two new schools for the city's downtown development program.
The City should pursue alternative forms of financing to support its development plan. In 2006, TIF #1 spent $900,000 to acquire land at 125 Hahn Street and spent $793,000 on other operating expenses. These expenditures include $301,000 to operate Elmhurst City Centre, $71,000 to the City Attorney, and $286,000 to a professional services firm. When the prior school board approved extending the TIF # 1 12 more years back in 2004, the City promised it would spend no new money on capital projects, it would minimize operating expenses and surplus funds would be periodically refunded to the school district. Purchases such as the $900,000 land acquisition on Hahn Street and high levels of professional services fees violate this agreement and the school board leadership has failed to adequately address this issue. TIF's are meant to help blighted areas attract capital when no other parties are willing to step forward to invest. Anyone that believes Downtown Elmhurst is blighted and still needs a TIF is not leveling with the public."

Alderman Vanek gets all bunched up in her extra large canvas panties trying to defend the TIF program. Bottom line - we should elect a Mayor and Alderman who will end the TIF's, stop emminent domain and force the city to transparently raise and spend money on core services. Let's stop the TIF Slush fund.

Thanks for your site Bill!

D. Evans