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If the crooked bureaucrats don't like one thing, it is honest citizens standing up and pointing out their sleazy dealings and incompetence.

To all critics who have written letters to this site asking you to get a life or to get the chip off your shoulder - I tell them, get off your butts and do something meaningful for your town. Most of these light weights are only complaining because they stand to lose from the truth coming out or they believe the B.S. being peddled by idiots like Marcucci, Vanek, Rose, Kubiesa, Daniels, DiCianni, Heslop, Gooch, Rosenberg, and others.

I have lived here since 1963. Elmhurst was never meant to be a major urban destination. Now the traffic is so bad it can take 30 minutes just to drive across town and back. In the early eighties, I could park near the train at 800am and jump right on the next express train. Now, all of the spots are gone before 630 or 700am. The Mayor has really failed the train commuters who earn a lot of money and pay a lot of taxes for this town. Because of his short sighted sprawl and high density building program, it is a real ugly hassel to park down town and take a train.

The solution is simple - continued open communication and the voters coming out in 2009 to elect the first honest Mayor in almost 20 years!!!

Keep up the great work Bill.