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As a follow-on to my last letter. The Elmhurst school construction is no better. Technically this work is regulated by the Regional Office of Education.

Look at Hawthorne's construction. How can 600 kids be effectively learning inside with the windows boarded up, part of the front ripped off and all of the construction noise and activity. Marta Davy and Dave Carlquist are two of the ring leaders on the School District's ill advised and hapazard approach to school planning and construction. The school architect advised against expanding or building at Hawthorne and Lincoln because the sites are 2 acres and the large student population is problematic. That did not stop Davy, Carlquist and DeRonne from charigng ahead and spending millions more than needed and putting our kids at risk.

I hope someone takes a picture of Hawthorne today and posts it here so we can preserve this stupidity for all of time. I also hope the voters run the incumbent school board candidates out of town!