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Mr. Trudeau,

My husband, Tom, and I heartily agree with the sentiments you expressed in the
letter published in The Independent's August 9th issue. We have been residents
in Elmhurst since August 1971 and have lived in our present home since 1977. Our
two sons are grown. We had a new street installed a year or so ago and it
subsequently has been butchered because of the new construction. On our block
our neighbors next door cut down all of their mature trees to more than double
the size of their home....and moved the drive to the other side of their home
which means that we now have a drive very close to our bedroom window with the
noise of slamming car doors. Also, they installed speakers on the outside of
their garage and music is sometimes so loud, we cannot hear our own television
with out windows shut. On our block, we have in a row, a rental home, an empty
lot, a nicely renovated home, a huge home next to us, our home, a home that was
bought at foreclosure and has had no one living in it
for at least 10 years (the owner shows up in the middle of the night for a short
time sporadically), a new home that replaces a ranch house, and two original
homes. A million dollar plus home was built across the street but the new owner
put it for sale shortly after moving in...There is also another rental home
diagonnaly across from us. We used to be a really nice block of friendly
neighbors...Now people two doors down watch their large dog wander and do his
business on everyone else's property while their son uses our driveway to play
on despite our concern about running into him since he's so little. We're in
our late 50's and talking about moving as much as we hate to...The traffic is
getting to be terrible, parking hard to come by and the quality of life
Our son and his family intended to attempt to buy in Elmhurst since their son
is 14 and has always been in Elmhurst schools but even they said prices/taxes
are prohibitive...every time they see a reasonably priced home all of a sudden
it is gone because it was bought to be torn down. They rent a home by the
hospital but said that traffic sometimes is daunting...much more so then in the
We are frustrated....not rabble rousers...but we have spent our years as
volunteers in our church and community and regret the attitude of our present
mayor. We know others feel as we do but somehow feel powerless...We used to feel
so happy to live in Elmhurst....but we are slowly being pushed out.

Any ideas? I'm curious what the response to your email address is.


Janine (and Tom) Mara
603 South Fairfield
Elmhurst, IL 60126