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In answer to Curious George on the Builders who have contributed to Mayor Marcucci's campaigns over the years, all you have to do is:
Google Illinois Board of Elections.
Click on Campaign Disclosures
Click Candidates
Next you'll see where you can fill in the zip code of Elmhurst, 60126 and the election year you would like to check out.
Then you'll see the candidates names in blue and you click there to look into their campaign finances which will be a matter of public record.

Let me spoil the ending of your curiosoty by stating that just about any builder or developer who does business in Elmhurst will be found on Mayor Marcucci's lists of contributors. Years ago, the Mayor courted these builders and basically told them the older (and not so older) homes in Elmhurst were theirs for the taking and this is what we got from it.

Mick Kahler