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I enjoyed Patricia Di Cianni's rebuttal to your latest letter, in today's Elmhurst Press. Just who does she think she is fooling with her defense? People like her have no idea how truly sick and tired the majority of Elmhurst citizens are of the overbuilt lots and major oversights of safety and rules done by the builders.

The entitlement that Mayor Marcucci has allowed the builders, developers and realtors in Elmhurst is borderline criminal.

By the way, Darlene Heslop's letter in the Press today was also full of innaccuracies. Fire Chief Mike Kopp is NOT the person to complain to about construction site issues. When a building code problem arises, it is up to CITY officials, not fire officials to investigate the concerns.

For those who have problems with ordinances and code laws being broken they should first contact their local Alderman to get answers and action. But if you live in the 5th Ward, don't call Phil Jordan because despite being a member of the public safety committee on the council, he would never dare cross any of the Mayor's builder buddies by pushing for them to be cited and or fined.

Mick Kahler