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Great Site!

I lived in Elmhurst for 12 years and after 7 tear-downs on my block, being consistently ignored by the city and numerous builder neglect ( like in your pictures) I had enough. I left Elmhurst and am in a town that has gone through the similar building boom as Elmhurst but with a HUGE difference. The difference is a building monotony ordnance and political term limits.

New homes look like traditional homes, not the common snout homes you see mushrooming up in Elmhurst. The homes are zoned to be smaller on a standard lot where I live compared to Elmhurst. Itís not perfect but the town actually puts the citizens first not the developer.

I guess when King MARCUCCI get thousands of campaign dollars from builders you can add up why builders are tops in Elmhurst.

I feel your pain, former resident.