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I just received a copy of your letter to the paper and thought it was outstanding. I was very happy to read all the letters of response that were given. I am in total agreement with all of them---This is not the city I grew up in and loved.
Just to let you know, my grandfather came to Elmhurst in the 1880s and was one of the first of the 'gangs' to work at the Stone-Quarry. Many Ronskes have lived her since--most of my family is buried at St. Marys by the college. The rest, but me, have moved from Elmhurst over the years--I am the last. All were discontent with what Elmhurst has become. In particular, Marcucci is the 'worst mayor' this city has ever seen. Since his tenure this city has declined at an unbelievable rate. It should be renamed 'Condohurst' for one thing. I live in a house my father built in 1960 (he was born, lived, and died in Elmhurst) on Poplar. I had a stroke in 1998 and almost died. Today I am pretty well 'back'. While I had the stroke my 'partner' of 20 years 'stole' my retirement from me. Fortunately my home is paid for and all I have is 'upkeep' and taxes. Being 'forcably' retired I am on a 'limited' budget, but, I believe, these taxes this year will 'force' me out of town. They have gone wild over the past several years. A 'new' $93 million York High, a new $24 million library have 'raised' taxes' --OK in effect on those. Now the mayor wants to put in a $5 million underpass on St. Charles by York? The city is already in debt, why not spend more for an underpass that's not needed ? There has not been one there ever. One kid got hurt 'illegally' crossing the street there not long ago !! Let's put in an underpass and tax the people for it !! Ludicrous when we don't have the money.
Overdevelopment is 'rampant' in Elmhurst, thanks to the mayor. He said once, "Unless we get the condos, townhomes, and million dollar homes we'll have to raise the taxes". Well, we are getting all of these and the taxes are still going up !! And they will continue as all the gradeschools in town are being 'added' onto. Yet, several years ago our 'wise' town leaders found the 'need' to completely raze at least three of our gradeschools, as "they were not needed" !! Great foresight ! I also heard that the 'new' York High has been found "not to be large enough" for the expected future new students to attend.
The 'overdevelopment' is bad enough--ruining neighborhoods, along with 'many' code violations the city 'ignores--but this mayor finds new ways to spend money we don't have. Yet he is trying his best to 'hurt' many of the businesses in town with the threat and use of 'Eminent Domain'. Gentleman's Quarters for one (they won their many year's suit in part while Angelo's lost their similar suit ???
Marcucci should have lost the last election to Paula Pezza, but 'eked out' a rather dubious victory and has two more years to destruct a once wonderful city. These new homes (in process) are getting 'tax breaks' that are unreal while mine keep going up and up. I have known many residents over the years who have worked hard to pay for their homes, only to retire and, in a few short years, have to move out because of the rediculous taxes imposed. 'These' people made this town !!! It has been a 'boon' to the builders because of the mayor. One can see this in looking at 'his' contributors in the last election--(builders and realtors)--Unconscionable !!!
Something has to be done here---I do believe your letter is a start; I just hope it's not too late.
I could write much more and will, if you want to hear, but I best sign off for now; I'm getting all 'pent up'.
Thanks truly for your concern of our once 'fair' city. Let me know.
Hope this e-mail wasn't too tedious, but I, for one (of many) is 'fed up'.
Thank You, Bill, Sincerely, Dave

I do have much more to say !!!