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Dear Bill:

I read your viewpoint, I totally agree. I rent in Elmhurst, lost my home in a divorce (Addison – but district 205), but my oldest was at York on the swim team and I wanted to keep her there my only option was to rent as I could not afford to buy.

I too grew up in this town and would like to be able to buy a home, however it is not possible with the outrageous costs and taxes.

I swear if I see one more home torn down I will just go insane. Even my children think tearing down all these homes is crazy.

Why does Elmhurst not offer affordable housing, according to the Illinois Affordable Housing act communities are to offer a certain percentage of homes at prices one can afford.

Based on the criteria, there should be homes in Elmhurst for about $250,000 can you find one, I sure cannot.

In addition, the infrastructure was not built for all the new development (the downtown condominium’s and the town homes being built at the south end of town behind Burger King and McDonald’s.

I would love to buy the home I rent (the owners live in Alabama) a realtor in the area manages the property and every time I mention trying to rent with the option to buy, I get your house would make a good tear down. It is all bring, and yes needs some updates, like new windows, but overall it is a good house and it would be a shame to tear it down.

The only thing Elmhurst has going for it is York High School. The downtown area is the worst, with all the young people hanging out with nothing better to do on a Friday and Saturday Night.

I would love for the real-estate market to bottom out and see all these homes just sitting for sale. I know there are over 500 homes on the market right now, but at the prices being asked unless you make $250,000+ a year, who can afford the home let alone the taxes.

This has to stop and a single parent such as my-self should be able to buy a home in a nice community.

Young families should also be able to afford to live here. Someday only professional with no children are the only ones that will be able to live here. Guess in about 10 years we will not have to worry about over growing in the schools.

May be if the real-estate market bottoms out I can buy a house, but I am sure that once my youngest graduates in 2010 I will move out of this god forsaken town for good, not sure where I will move, but I am sure the taxes and home cost will not be this outrageous.

I hope you and I are not alone in how we feel. I hope you here from more readers, as the building has to stop!

Feel free to respond to either of the e-mail address below.

Trish Bruno