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Have you noticed that most of the Townhouses and Condos that have been built recently often are finished with cheap and inferior exterior (good rhyme) materials? The buildings lack the classical materials and finish which cheapens their appearance and perceived quality. Why are developers allowed to squeeze the last penny of profitability out and leave inferior buildings that would not have required substantial money to elevate them beyond marginal? They will exist for many years. Time will not be kind to the appearance of these buildings. The remedies will be unduly expensive. I swear City Hall leaders have very little visual awareness and are aesthetically blind. Look at the alleys surrounding the downtown buildings, the condition of the streets, curbs, and much of the landscaping. Filth is everywhere. Lets drive around the Town. I will point it all out to you. I have many pictures to prove my point. Public buildings have been allowed to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. Existing alleys are filthy and ignored. Deteriorating properties along North Avenue are not addressed, thus giving a poor image of our town. Why do Parks have limited restrooms and no safe place to seek shelter in the event of a storm? Excuse my random stream of thoughts. I could go on and on but at a later time.