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Bill, I appreciate your willingness to go out on a limb and post this site. I hope it helps draw some attention from City Hall. Now that the election is right around the corner, they may consider at least paying you some lip service to address these ongoing problems. One can only hope the people in town will get out and vote and most important, know WHO and what they are really voting for! I love the builder who is running for 1st Ward Alderman paving over City property. I wonder if any of his voters know about it? I think this is the same guy who says he just owns "a small construction company" and builds in "western suburbs". No wonder he is afraid to admit he builds in Elmhurst. It's a shame some of the people have to ruin it for the builders who do care and who do play by the rules. There should be a website showing those who do. Keep up the great work, maybe this will finally help get some positive changes from City Hall, especially if the right people get in office.
Hope Forchange