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This doesn't refer to building code enforcement, but rather to other law enforcement that impacts safety. Unfortunately, my pictures are long gone.

A number of years ago, before the teardown craze made the city fathers' mouths water with the thought of tax revenue for them to spend, I was disturbed by the number of sidewalks that were blocked, absolutely fully blocked, by parked cars. Pedestrians, joggers, children on foot and on trikes were all forced into the street. One morning, on my way from my then home in the Atrium (near Roosevelt and Prospect) to the swimming pool at York Commons, I took a full roll of 38 pictures of vehicles blocking sidewalks on my route. I did not stray from my normal bicycle route more than 100 feet at any place. In other words, each of the infractions was right there for me to see without having to search.

I sent the batch to the City Manager. The answer I got said, in effect, that people just don't have room on their driveway aprons and in their garages, and parking on the sidewalk is better (no definition of better) than illegal parking on the street.

The details may have changed. But the cars on sidewalks, and now other things on sidewalks as well, are still there. The lack of service to citizens is a continuing matter.

Eugene Pomerance
2600 S. Finley Rd. Apt. 3714
Lombard IL 60148