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Dear Bill,

Thanks for the highly entertaining website. I'm particularly fond of the Aldermanic candidate who put his driveway on the public alley. I wish I had pictures of the many, many violations that I called in to the police. I live on the west side of Larch Avenue, and my house used to face lovely vintage homes with side yards and gardens. Some of the homes were fixer-uppers, but others were very well kept.

There are eight townhomes across the street from my house now, and several more down the block. Violations included delivery trucks full of bricks showing up at 5:00am to unload. My bedroom windows are at the front of the house, and this rude awakening, especially for a family that works at night, was horrible. I had to call the police daily for a week. First, the truck would show up and work was performed at 5:00am. I complained. The next day, the truck showed up at 5:00am but idled, outside my window, until 6:00am. The next day, the truck showed up early but the police actually showed up and made them turn the truck off. This was a Meadow Woods development.

The funniest violation happened when the demolition company, which razed the five existing homes and was then clearing the site, put up a giant sign advertising their business. This sign was on the parkway, leaning on a supposedly protected parkway tree, facing my living room. When I called to complain, they moved the sign to another part of the parkway.

When Gammonley Renzi was constructing Market Square, they dug up the entire sidewalk along Third Avenue. When I called the city to enquire about how to walk to town with my infant in a stroller, they told me to use the other side of the street. I had to point out to them that the sidewalk on the north side of Third was incomplete. A person could not cross Addison and Third at all without walking in the street. The next week, a city crew showed up and built a lovely crosswalk. To this day, one can barely walk towards town on Third on garbage collection day because the developer was allowed to move the public sidewalk onto the parkway (there's no parkway anymore), and the townhomes have driveways were the sidewalk used to be. (Walk east from Larch on Third and you can see the 90 degree shift you have to make from the old sidewalk to the Market Square sidewalk) The only place they can put their trash cans is on the sidewalk, a very fragrant trip in July.

Thanks for allowing me a place to vent. I'm sorry to see that so many other folks have had their quality of life wrecked by some builders. Thanks Mayor, for the higher taxes, too.