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Dear Bill,

I read your article and I want to let you know I have tried for 5 months to get my neigbors fence reversed so the good side is facing me. I went to the mayor with photos and specs on the fence and he said I was right. He turned it over to Tom Borchert. He won't do nothing.
I found out from another builder the payoff was $5,000.00. I went to see Dan Cronin and he could do nothing. I wrote twelve alderman and sent them photo copies asking them to remove the two code inspectors and the city manager for corruption. Two alderman showed up and said yes I have the back of the fence but they can't do anything.
Across the street from alderman Gow the man has the back of the fence. These builders are paying off big time and we can do nothing about it.
Mayors and alderman come and go..we have to get rid of Tom Borchert because he is the one in control.
Do you think a city wide petition would get rid of him? He has alot of power. The state attorney office would not have anything to due with Tom signing off on code.
Tom Borchert signs off on alot of code. I think that is why there our so many botched remodeling jobs. I see alot of strand board for outside walls with only siding going over them.
I'm willing to do anything you can think of to correct this corruption problem.
Sharon Peters ..30 year resident