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Steve Buonsante
Mondo Builders
Elmhurst, IL. 60126

Dear Bill Trudeau, 3/13/2007

I just visited your site To my surprise a home of ours was featured with code violations. I have been a life long resident of Elmhurst and I feel very deeply for this town and the residents. There were extenuating circumstances behind why the foundation was dug the way that it was. For starters the excavator had to dig out a sewer line that ran through the property. This pipe had to be removed and there was no other way to make that happen unless we dug it out.
There are situations under the ground that we don't see until we start digging. The reality is that this foundation is done within a week. Because this is a corner the front entry is very close to the sidewalk. There needs to be area for the forms for the foundation to be placed. We try to get the foundations done very expediently because of the safety of residents. We have been working diligently to complete our work and close up open areas.
We currently have a snow fence blocking that area until the foundation is complete. I apologize to the residents for not having a snow fence repaired sooner. We also have created a barrier where the collapsing has occurred.
I live in the neighborhood and in a home that I renovated because it was structurally sound and tearing it down was not its best use. I understand the frustration with builders but we are not all bad. Many of us live in Elmhurst and grew up here as well. We are not on a rampage to tear down as many homes as possible. Some of the homes in Elmhurst are in bad shape and people can't or won't purchase them to live in so we buy them and build new.
The building boom is slowing. Market conditions are keeping development in check and people are demanding quality, curb appeal and uniqueness. I understand the frustration and I am working to complete the foundation as soon as possible.


Steve Buonsante