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Appreciate you bring this graphically to the Internet world!. Great photography I might add!

Maybe we can get the Alderman and Mayor to agree to a pay for gas and vehicle cost per mile and get paid a commission for fines collected.

They could split the revenue from court cost and work stoppage inspection fees (at least a $800 per incident - Garage permit rate ) inspection that will be more than the violation remedy but a re-inspection of previous work that was flagged in the "grey area". Any single property with more than one work stoppage will have fines doubled thereafter for said property. Cumulatively, any builder that has more the 3 work stoppages will have to go in front of the building commission for license review and revocation and a $10,000 court fee. Each violation will have strict time and financial consequences for failure to remedy in 3 business days will be a doubling of the fine 10 days of no remedy or payment will be court cost and interest!! (Builders hate the word "interest").

I am sure some of this stuff is already in the code!! The code needs "a remodel" or a tear down"!!

I was shocked at how undefined any key words like fine, penalty, penalties, enforcement are practically not existent!

Note: I am not an attorney, just pulling out found relevant terms per my cursory review of the code.

Chapter 1 is where it appears to brings the penalty dollar (more like a dime) to the road. This pdf will not allow copy and paste!!

Standard penalty is section 1.06(a) - $25.00 - $1,000 max.

For bulding code violations - If paid within 10 days of issuance, then 25.00 dollars, after 10 days its 50.00 (all half the amount for the homeowner who has not cut his lawn, 50 and 100 respectively)

If after 20 days its not paid then it can go to a collections agent and the fine can never exceed section 1.06(a) of $1,000. What a bargain!!

Chapter 12 - Nuisances, Noises and Dangerous Buildings (no word of "fine" or "penalty")

12.15 Manner of enforcement.

Violations of this chapter shall be prosecuted in the same manner as other violations of the city code: provided, however, that in the event of violation of Sections 12.13(c) of this chapter, a written notice of intention to prosecute will be given the alleged violator not less than five calendar days prior to the issuance of a complaint. No complaint shall be issued in the event the cause of the violation is removed, the condition abated or fully cor-rected within such five day period. In the event the alleged violator cannot be located in order to serve the notice of intention to prosecute, the notice as required herein shall be deemed to be given upon mailing such notice by registered or certified mail to the alleged violator at his last known address or at the place where the violation occurred, in which event the five day period shall commence at the date of the day following the mailing of such notice.

12.16 Additional remedy injunction.

As an additional remedy, the operation or maintenance of any device, instrument, vehicle or machinery in violation of any provision hereof and which causes discomfort or annoyance to reasonable persons of normal sensitiveness or which endangers the comfort, repose, health or peace of residents in the area shall be deemed and is declared to be a public nuisance and may be subject to abatement summarily by a restraining order or injunction issued by a court of competent jurisdiction

Chapter 24 - Building Code (occurrences of the word "penalty or penalties" - 2 occurrences)

24.08 Signage requirements for buildings or structures containing hazardous materials.

(c) Penalty. Any person who fails to comply with the requirements of, or who violates this section shall be subject to the penalty set forth in Section 8 of The Hazardous Materials Emergency Act (430 ILCS 50/8) asamended from time to time. (4/6/98)

(occurrences of the word "fine" - 1 occurrence)

Page 24 Section 310.5 USE GROUP R-3 STRUCTURES

Amend this section as follows:
At the end of the fifth fine, after the word "2-hour", ADD "Masonry"
Delete the "Exceptions" entirely

(occurrences of the word "violation" - 3 occurrences)

Page 6 Section 116.4 VIOLATION PENALTIES
Insert: Petty offense; $1,000.00; none.

24.41 Same--Notice of violation.

No person shall be deemed to have violated a provision of this Article until written notice of complaint concerning lack of heat in the room, apartment, office or store in question shall have been given, by registered mail or by personal delivery to the City Clerk’s office.

24.43 Same--When failure to provide heat is not unlawful.

(occurrences of the word "enforcement" - 1 occurrence)

24.14 Liability of city officers.

The Community Development Director or any officer or employee charged with the enforcement of the building regulations acting for the city, in the discharge of his duties, shall not thereby render himself liable personally, and he is hereby relieved from all personal liability for any damage that may occur to persons or
property as a result of any act required or permitted in the discharge of his duties. Any suit brought against any officer or employee because of such act performed by him in the enforcement of any provision of the building
regulations shall be defended by the Attorney for the city until the final termination of the proceedings therein. The city shall indemnify for all liability of costs, fees, damages and expenses, such officer or employee against
whom any judgment or decree may be entered.


- No mention of the building codes or trades that I could find in the table of contents

We could also persuade digital photography to enhance your web site further with the activities of the Building Code Enforcers - "The BCE". Your web site could turn into a great Consumers' Information clearing house regarding Builders and their work processes and end products. Local websites with local interest are the fastest growing segment of the Internet from what I have read and heard.

Thanks for your work and time.


Rex Irby
Elmhurst Resident taxpayer