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Just read your article and could not stop shaking my head YES,, YES!
We have a McMansion right across the street which has been up for sale for over six months for the unbelievable price of 1.2 million. Instead of lowering his price the builder keeps throwing more crap in and on the house. Everything from closet organizers, finishing the basement and now metal grating hanging off the windows. I'm waiting for the mote and heliport to be added (maybe then the city will deem it inhabitable and he can start paying taxes on the 1.2 million.)
If that is not enough three doors down they are planning on building a 1.4 million dollar eyesore.
I've lived in this town all of my 45 years. I wish I could be proud to say I live in Elmhurst and at one point I was, but not now.
Thanks for voicing many residents options.
Barbara Macnider