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Congratulations on a great editorial. Everything you said in your letter rings true with us. We were residents of Elmhurst for 34 years until the end of June when we were squeezed out by two McMansions on either side of our cape cod that we raised our family in. We had little choice. It was either look at brick walls or leave and pay the city for the privilege of being forced out of our home. Good luck with your efforts. We are behind you 100% as we sit in our Florida home where we can see the sky when we look out of a window. Elmhurst was a charming place to live. Sometimes change is not always good. Just as an added note I must tell you that we sold our small home to the neighbor would bought the McMansion. He is renting our home out because he too does not want to look a big brick wall. Life often has strange twists in the road. Good luck to you.
Steve & Ann Klonicke

stephen klonicke