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The person who wrote this email commenting about you're site never looked at you're site counter? At the last look you're site had over "14,000" visitors. Looks like this citizen was not to informed as to what you're mission was, and the interested citizens you have inspired? Nor, the political philosophy based from civic pride, and democracy, which is the basis of American society? This person should create his/her own site instead of complaining about you're concern for the community. The health concerns you have raised are very important, and the long term impact on infrastructure, streets, and pollution, raises taxes, and lower the quality of life. Diminishing returns, and higher opportunity costs will define to any community the operations of the people's business. It's nice to know someone like you who is acting out in favor toward a better democracy in our community. Thank you for the example to stand up and be counted. This is the essence of our society no matter the subjects or concerns.