Illegally Parked Cars

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4.2-4 Parking and Storage of Certain Vehicles and Storage of or Location of Storage Containers

a. For dwelling units in single family districts there shall be provided on the same zoning lot not less than one parking space for licensed passenger vehicles. In addition, for each dwelling unit in a single family district there shall be not more than four licensed passenger vehicles parked on unenclosed parking spaces. At least one of these spaces shall be in the rear of the established building front setback line of the lot. A maximum of two vehicles may be parked in front of the established building setback line and the remainder must be to the rear of the established building setback line.

c. All parking and storage of vehicles (passenger vehicles and recreational vehicles) in residential districts including associated approaches and driveways therefore, shall be on a graded surface of concrete, bituminous asphalt or concrete or brick pavers. Such surface shall require a permit issued by the Public Works Department after review and approval by the Engineering Division.

d. No vehicle incapable of being driven or used for the purpose or use for which it was designed shall be stored or parked in an unenclosed space in any residential district.

Rte 83 between St Charles and North Ave.

Why would you post signs stating "No Parking on State Right-of-way Tow Away Zone", then allow a car dealer to park whatever he wants on the state right-of-way on a daily basis? Maybe the same reason you also allowed the campaign sign to be posted on public property?

April 3, 2009

880 Spring Road

If this hadn't been allowed to go on for so long, it wouldn't be so comical. This has now been allowed to happen for three years, with code enforcement being notified numerous occasions. I spoke about this at the city council meeting on January 20, 2009.

April 10, 2009

880 Spring Road

I guess if you put a cover on it, it's not really there.

April 10, 2009

880 Spring Road

This was taken about a year ago, with six cars in the driveway, and one on the gravel next to the garage. Four of the cars are inoperable. By law, these four should be given $50 citations and then have $20 added to those fines every seven days. The city has allowed $4360 in fines to be ignored over the last year.


January 8, 2007

880 Spring Road.

There are still six cars parked here daily. Three are inoperable, and miscellaneous auto parts are stored in the back yard in full view. This appears to be an unlicensed auto repair shop, with 2 two-car garages and all these vehicles outside obviously being worked on.

November 20, 2007

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