Jobsite Safety

The Village of Downers Grove requires chain link fencing around the parkway trees, along with chain link fencing around the construction area. The contractor's name and phone number must be posted on a sign in front of the property. This sounds like common sense... the jobsite is fenced off for safety's sake, and if something goes wrong, you know who to contact.

What does Elmhurst require....

A couple of 2x4's with caution tape... Yep, that'll keep someone from falling in the hole.

Hold your nose and breathe through your... OSHA would have a field day with this.

I'll bet this orange plastic fence will keep curious kids from falling in this hole. I also like the 2x4's holding up what's left of the yard that the neighbor's fence used to be anchored to.

Do you think a little common sense would come in handy here?