April 17 Election 2007

April 18th, 2007

It seems that the tide has changed, and the rubber stamping of all things Marcucci may have come to a merciful end. Congratulations Chris Nybo, Diane Gutenkauf, and Pat Shea. Make us proud!

** Flyers, full color multi-page campaign mailers from Jan Vanek, Richard Dickinson and Peter Di Cianni : Tens of Thousands of Dollars.

** Fund raising party at the Diplomat West, Campaign yard signs, trucks for the St. Patrick's Day Parade and propaganda DVDs:
Tens of Thousands of more dollars.

Seeing Mayor Marcucci's cronies lose their elections: PRICELESS!

- Mick Kahler

The following piece of campaign literature was received in the mail on March 31st, 2007. It is an amusing letter from outgoing Alderman Phil Jordan. Pay close attention to the area circled in red...

I think that out of 35 towns if you had the lowest, or second lowest taxes, that would be a good thing. 33rd lowest? That means only two towns had higher taxes.

As far as keeping the neighborhood safe, if you live directly across the street from Lincoln school and are the Alderman representing the people in the Fifth Ward, should you have done absolutely nothing about this illegally parked dump truck at a building site only two doors down from your own home for over a month? Or is the fact that the builder contributed to the Mayor's campaign fund causing a loyalty issue?

If you can't count on your alderman to correct a municipal and zoning violation as blatant as this on his own block across the street from a public grade school during session, who CAN you get to correct it? Turning a blind eye to this betrays the public trust. This kind of "passing the torch" is the last thing we need.

This made a great first impression. I didn't know the election had been held as of March 11th.

Alderman Elect?

Shouldn't it be important to the candidates running for alderman or school board to respect the law while advertising themselves? It is a violation of zoning code 11.6(i) to post signs on a public parkway.

Political Signs.

Such signs shall be located entirely on private property pursuant to the owner's consent. These signs shall be erected not more than 30 days before the election, and shall be removed within 3 days following such election.

Were any of these blatant violations cited by the Elmhurst Police?

If not, Why?
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